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Ferret Stories | Comments Off on YODU

A career of the VFS recently picked up a young dark eyed white ferret.

The ferret was found wondering around the back of a factory in Springvale. The workers of the factory were concerned about the ferret & rang the local animal shelter who then referred them on to the VFS.

The workers of the factory thought the young ferret looked hungry so they went to the local food shop & brought a meat pie for it to eat & gave him some water.


When the career for the VFS turned up they found the ferret under a bush looking very scared. As the bush the ferret was under was very large & thick the career had to work out how to get the young ferret out. To his surprise when he whistled the young ferret came out of the bush & crawled onto his hand.


The ferret was only about four months old & under weight. On inspection of the ferret it was found that the young ferret had its Cannine teeth cut off.

The ferret has been placed on antibiotics to help with his teeth & gums infection. It is hoped that he will not need to have an operation to remove what is left of the damaged teeth.

Removing the Teeth from a ferret is a method used by some back yard breeders to stop ferrets biting. This practice is cruel & will leave the ferret in a lot of pain & cause infection killing the ferret.