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The Storm

Ferret Stories | Comments Off on The Storm
The Storm

All was serene in the ferretorium when the storm hit. The rain which had been falling gently, increased until it became torrential; the noise of the water hitting the corrugated roof become a din to drown out everything else – except fear.

The ferrets, who had been dozing, as was their habit at this time of the day, were immediately alert and began running around to see what was wrong. They looked frightened – trying to get into bolt holes which were not big enough for them; and getting wet from the leaks in the roof.

The lady came and spoke to them gently telling them they were safe and that all was well. Those ferrets running free in the ferretorium climbed up the lady’s jeans, all wanting to be cuddled at once. She comforted them and put them safely into their protected caves with plenty of covers and a handful of treats. They settled, rolled into a large ball and slowly dozed off to sleep.

The ferrets in the big white cage were very distressed, Fitzy clawing to get out and wanting to be held tightly, Charlie a little less frightened but needing contact and crawling rapidly into open arms – Suzie coming out last but just as determined to have a much needed cuddle.

They were too upset and scared to find comfort in the caves, so the lady took them to the quietest room and settled them into a special ‘Show cage’ where they could smell themselves and their friends. Charlie and Suzie improved rapidly, except that Suzie just wanted to ride in the pouch which hung over the lady’s shoulder.


As Fitzy was very slow to relax, the lady took Ninka from the ferretorium and brought her to be with Fitzwilliam Darcy & Charles Bingley. Her presence made an amazing difference

For the first time since the terror began, the boys totally relaxed and after a lot of reassurance they cuddled up together under the communal blanket.

As all things must, the storm eventually passed over and left the world looking fresh and new again. The ferretorium began to dry out and the lady bought new dry blankets to line the caves and beds. The ferrets slowly emerged and except for the trio in the quiet place; began to seek out the puddles to splash around in and make a mess all fear forgotten in their joyous celebration of life.

Ninka, Fitzy and Charlie took a longer time to recuperate but they too, emerged after a reviving sleep and joined in the fun. The only one missing was Suzie, the small princess stayed just where she was, curled up safe and comfortable in the pouch which hung on the lady’s shoulder.

The Storm had come and now was gone. The terror had passed and all was well again in theKingdomofFerrets.