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Popsicle’s Story

Ferret Stories | Comments Off on Popsicle’s Story
Popsicle’s Story

Popsicle was a small sable ferret, she was very young and in her first season.

She arrived at the vetinary hospital early in the breeding season looking pale and very thirsty, the staff noted that she was uninterested in food and was very tired.

Some 6 – 8 hours later a VFS carer picked her up and took her home, within the hour they realised that something was wrong and that she was very ill. During the night she was pipette fed and taken to a ferret knowledgable Vet in the morning.

She was very dehydrated, pale and ill, had a small amount of discharge from a mildly swollen Vulva. Her stool was meagre and tarry.

She was given an Antibiotic Injection to be followed with oral medication; she also had a dose of cortisone to boost her system

During that day and night she was rehydrated with Sub-cutaneous fluids and given her medical treatments. She had 2nd hourly pipette feeding with A/D + Duck Soup over the next 24hours.

But despite all efforts Popsicle died ….. She went to sleep between feed and didn’t wake up.

We do not know this small one’s background. We know that she was beautiful and that she died of Aplastic Anaemia. We know that she could have been saved if found sooner, or if she had been de sexed, mated or given a hormone injection when she came into season.

Unfortunately she came to us too late and despite our very best efforts she paid the price for man’s ignorance, stupidity or just plain lack of knowledge and caring.

The moral of this story – People must be made aware that female ferrets need be bought out of season. They run a very real risk of developing Prolonged Oestrus disease (Severe Oestrogen Toxicity)

A fatal form of Aplastic Anaemia………They Die.