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Petal’s Story

Ferret Stories | Comments Off on Petal’s Story
Petal’s Story

I was little more than a baby myself when I found myself pregnant and homeless. I was rescued and taken to a warm and friendly place with strange smells and noises; I was very scared!

After a while I grew courageous and ventured into my new world, it was too big on the outside and very small on the inside – there was a soft & cosy place and a smelly place, I later worked out that this was my toilet, the man called it a litter tray – funny name.

The man gave me a name he called me Petal because I am so pretty. Later he changed my name – he said it was because I was a terrible biter? What is a biter?

My second name was Nettle He said it was because I was a Prickle? What is a prickle?

As I became larger (in the tummy) I made some new friends Paddy, Jake and Sharkey I liked them all, but best of all I liked Sharkey – she was pregnant like me and she taught me lots, she was so smart and she was older than me. It was Sharkey who told me about biting and man’s skin – it tears easily and spurts red stuff that smells funny.

I decided not to bite anymore because I would rather be cuddled and called Petal!

One day Sharkey had many babies, the man called them kits – he sure knows lots of words, I like him.

Sharkey’s babies grew bigger and so did my tummy! soon I would have babies too. I watched the babies and saw all the things that their mother did for them. I learnt very quickly, because soon I would have some babies of my own. I knew I would be a very good mother. Many days passed I studied hard and made things ready for my nest – the man helped, he gave me nice soft things and lots of cuddles and I became Petal again. I was very happy.

After many days my babies came; there were only 2 but they both died; there were 2 more but they didn’t get born and I had to have a big operation, I was very sick.

No Babies for Petal! I am so sad I feel empty inside, I do not feel happy- the man is kind, he gives me many cuddles – no good

No babies! Sad sad sad Petal. I cry when I see Sharkey and her babies – not fair!

Soon a lady comes I don’t care – No babies, the lady gives cuddles too so I go home with her for a while, then I do not have to watch Sharkey’s babies.

No Babies for Petal.

At the new place it is warm and cosy again, I like this place but I am very sad -then I find some babies – they are small and smell like the lady, she says they belonged to Angel and she would like me to look after them.

I agree- I will be a very good mother to these small ones. As I clean them and look after them I know that they are not mine, but they are beautiful and soft and they make me feel better; not so sad anymore.

Time and Angel’s babies have made me feel happy again, The lady gives me cuddles and tells me that I will soon be ready to go to a true home of my own – we are waiting for a special person to come and get me

I am Petal and this is my story.