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I only HUNT if I have a Ferret Finder and Tracking Collar

Ferret Stories | Comments Off on I only HUNT if I have a Ferret Finder and Tracking Collar
I only HUNT if I have a Ferret Finder and Tracking Collar

Having a big fear of losing my ferrets out hunting but knowing that the love it so much, the ferrets and I have come to an agreement, they only go down to play if they have the tracking collars on , I think that’s a fair deal

The finders indicates a ferret is nearby beeping at different speeds, the faster speed the closer the collar is, the new finders will actually tell you how far down the ferret is to explain ti a little batter ill tell you a story that happen to me recently

First time hunting Data, all excited to go, with the holes all netted and him with his tracker collar on, it was time for him to have fun, down he goes but 2 mins later he’s back up put him down again and away he goes time passes and haven’t seen him or his hunting buddy for a while, but we’ll wait just a little longer, time passes and we start to worry as haven’t felt any movements, Rabbits running.

Turn on the locater, now because we have 2 ferrets down with collars if will pick them both up, so just keep that in mind, We located Data 2 meters away from where the burrows, so never underestimate the size of a burrow, the finder indicates that he is down 4ft, out comes the shovel

While digging down above a first time hunters they can normally be scared move away from where you are digging, so keep checking with the finder but Data did not budge, Digging down till we broke through to find a happy ferret looking at us like “what took ya so long, look what I got and hurry up and get it out for me” mean while we felt thumping as we were digging down so we knew he had something blocked off in a corner and he wasn’t giving it up

After removing him as giving him a kiss for staying there it was time to get out his rabbit, then just to make sure the was no other rabbit down there we had another feel and low and behold there was the was actually 3 more rabbits after the 1st one

THANK YOU ferret finder and tracker collars because of them we were able to get my boy back without having to waste to much time waiting for him to come out which he was clearly not going to do in a hurry because we pin pointed where he was and dug down to him we got a bonus of four rabbits that would have been lost if he came out himself….

Just like to add the finders are well worth their money and any hole dug on someone property should be filled back in as the reason your out hunting is to remove the rabbits because the rabbits barrow hole are damaging the land and putting the farmer animals at risk of braking their legs…