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Frequently asked Questions


What Vaccinations do ferrets need?

(A) Ferrets need to be vaccinated against Canine Distemper – see your Vet.

The cost of de sexing a ferret?

(A) About the same price as for cats or rabbits; prices vary with vets $100 – $150 approx. .

What toys do ferrets like?

(A) Cat toys + and small safe children‟s toys, tunnels, bouncy toys, bells & balls.

Is walking your ferret good for them and how often, if they live in a flat

(A) Walking is very healthy when they are well protected from other animals & on a leash, as many times per week as it suits you.

Where do I purchase my ferret?

(A) When you are ready for your ferret, I would suggest that you contact us and we can guide you from there.

What do I feed my new ferret?

(A) There is ferret Kibble available; they may be fed Kitten or cat Kibble (dry food); NO dog biscuits and never caned food of any type.

The most important thing about dry food is the formula -as a guide line look for the product which is High in Animal Protein (above 30-40%); High in fat (20-22%); Low in carbohydrates (9-10%) no grains or corn.

They can also have cooked chicken (no bones), raw chicken mince; necks and wings + raw beef mince, Rabbit & Roo.

Do ferrets like milk? – my cat loves it

(A) Yes ferrets like milk very much… however like many animals they are Lactose intolerant and milk adds nothing to their nutritional needs.

We do not believe that milk is of any benefit to the ferret. However many owners like to give their pet a very small amount of lactose free milk as a special treat, they keep these treat times well away from their feeding regime.

The reason for this is to make sure that their ferret does not fill up with the milk and refuse his meals and main source of nutrients.


What kind of bedding does my ferret need?

(A) Blankets – old baby /cot or larger ones cut up; interlock cotton (as in T shirts), knitted wool and towelling are best avoided- the ferrets nails get caught; Polar fleece and plain cotton fabrics are good.

Which Pet Shops do you recommend to purchase my ferret?

(A) No Pet shops are recommended for buying ferrets. None of the staff know anything much about them and tend to give poor advice; there are a few rare exceptions.

They seldom know what is needed for the ferret and just sell what they are told. Get advice from us.

The same applies to „Backyard Breeders‟ Check with the VFS before you make any decision regarding your new ferret purchase.

Do ferrets get fleas and what do I do about them?

(A) Ferrets are able to collect fleas from other infected animals; however fleas do not live on ferrets and soon fall off , keep other animals free of fleas and the ferrets will be fine Also treatment with Revolution is recommended – see your vet.

Do ferrets like harnesses and being on leads?

(A) Once ferrets get used to harnesses, they are happy to wear them to go for a walk. They need to be introduced gently to the harness until they are used to it. Always check the fit of the harness, the old rule of a finger between skin and collar still holds good, Not too tight Not too loose !

Do ferrets get along with each other?

(A) Ferrets are like people – some get along well together, others do not. It‟s a matter of try and see.

I have been told that you should always have more than one, that they should be kept in at least pairs, I this correct?

(A) NO, this is certainly not correct. There are some ferrets who are loners and much prefer the company of humans, they do better in single ferret households. These single ferrets need a lot of attention from their human family.
Two or more ferrets in the home mean that they will play together and not be so reliant on their owner for interaction; they can be company for each other
when you are not there. However remember that ferrets sleep between 18 and 20 hours per day, so the 4 + hours when they are awake can and needs
to be filled by you if your ferret is a singleton.

Are ferrets healthy pets to have?

(A) Ferrets tend to be fairly healthy; they get many of the ailments that humans get and can catch germs from us; there are also some conditions which are related to ferret health – talk to a ferret knowledgeable Vet . See our information sheets for diseases which affect ferrets.

Do ferrets get along with other animals?

(A) Ferrets like and want to be friends with most other animals and always want to play… When properly supervised, they usually interact well with cats and dogs. You need to discuss this with experienced ferret owners and carers. There are some precautions which need to be taken.

Will ferrets interact with the wildlife in my local area?

(A) Ferrets need to be kept separated from all wild life until thy can be proved safe. Even then, be very cautious, remember your ferret will just want to play – but this play behaviour is too rough for small animals.


I have fish in a tank, will the ferret be a danger for them?

(A) It is possible – Put wire, glass or other cover over the fish tank thereby eliminating the danger.

I have heard that ferrets can be litter trained, is this correct?

A) Ferrets can be litter trained, it is wise to have them in a cage or confined space when you are not with then; they are trained much the same way as a puppy or a cat.

Can ferrets escape from their cage, flat or house?

(A) Ferrets are the Houdinis of the animal world ; they are famous as escape artists if they live in a cage, the latch needs to be secure; rooms need to be “ferret Proofed” they are able to fit through small holes and cracks. If their head will fit – the body will follow.


Do ferrets bite and does this hurt?

(s) Like kittens and puppies Ferrets need to be trained not to bite. Yes a big bite certainly hurts however play bites or nips usually do not, We suggest that you read our information sheet on how to deal with “Biting” in ferrets.


Do Ferrets moult like cats & dogs?

(A) Ferrets shed their winter coat at the beginning of summer and in autumn they discard the lightweight summer coat and replace it with thicker fur for winter.

How big should the ferret’s cage be?

(A) We recommend any area of O.7m. Square per ferret – see our section on cages, types and sizes. Talk with our members; sometimes they have a cage to sell which may suit you and your ferret.


Should my ferret be de-sexed?

(A) Absolutely and definitely. It is our opinion that all pet animals be neutered, for many reasons – the most important of which is their health + the gross over breeding that is a part of Todays‟ society. Our animal Welfare systems are overloaded and this results in many animals being killed. In ferrets the female (Jill) runs a very high risk of developing Aplastic Anaemia and dying; the males have to be separated for 6 months of the year and become very smelly and aggressive towards other ferrets.
Ferrets should not be neutered before the age of 6 months
Please refer to our articles on this subject.