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A Tale of two Ferrets

Ferret Stories | Comments Off on A Tale of two Ferrets
A Tale of two Ferrets

Two little ferrets almost 5 months old, one of small statute the other muscular and larger than his brother. They were excessively mischievous and forever into trouble; their poor mother despaired of them ever growing up.

If any trouble occurred in the family home the two kits were certainly involved and their mother knew it.

One day the Jill heard that an Elder of the VFS had been successful in disciplining kits, so she asked if he would speak with her boys.

The Elder agreed, but asked to see each boy separately – the mother consented and sent the smaller kit in first.

The VFS Elder was a huge Albino ferret with a booming voice.

He sat the youngster down and asked him sternly – “Do you know where God is?”

The boy’s jaw dropped, his mouth opened wide, but he made no response just sat and stared ahead.

The Elder repeated the question in an even sterner tone

It was like thunder

“Where is God?”

Again the kit made no attempt to answer, his small body quivered in fear.

The Elder raised his voice even louder and shook his paw in the little ferret’s face and demanded “Where is God?”

The ferret screamed and bolted from the room, he dove into his snuggle bed and pulled the blanket in on top of himself.

His bigger brother found him scared and shivering

‘What is the matter? “he asked.

The smaller kit, gasping for breath replied “We are in BIG trouble this time!” he paused – took a big breath and proclaimed

“GOD is missing and they think we did it!”