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A Reader’s Story

Ferret Stories | Comments Off on A Reader’s Story
A  Reader’s Story

Beware: that the internet does not always suggest the best punishment for BITING Fuzzies, as some method can cause the fuzzies more harm than good and actually make them worse whether this means NASTY or more FEARFUL….I know its hard to remain calm, cool and collective when you have a nice set of sharp little teeth attached to you…… but we have too…

Never owning a ferret before and hearing all sorts stories on how ferrets behave, I wanted to do my own researching to make sure I was prepared for when I got my first fuzzies as they were coming home very soon, I also asked my friend that was getting them for me if they could get the person who bred the ferrets to give me information as I thought the ferret owner would know the best information to give to someone, in the mean time I did my researching and got information I thought was interesting.

My friend rang me and said they will be over really soon as the ferrets are coming home I was so excited as I had always wanted fuzzies but was never allowed to have them at home with my parents but now living with my partner in our own place here they are….

I was excited and nervous all at the same time, never handling one before my friend hands me this little 3 month old female and she melted my heart as I was standing there holding her for the first time and then she pulled out my second ferret I was getting and he scared me a bit as I was not expecting him to be so big…. So I just got used to handling the little girl, we bonded so well, until I got up enough courage to hold this big boy that was only 3 months old, same as the little girl but was twice the size…..

Ok time passed I worked up the courage to hold the boy and all was going great till my partner got home from work and picked up the little sweet girl and she bit him so she instantly became mine no fuss, we then went into the lounge and put them on the couch and the boy lunged at me with excitement but managed to bite me on the underarm so understandably the boy became my partners, but we both knew that just because we got bitten once we couldn’t and wouldn’t give up on the animals, then later that night we got them out had them running round watching them play in the lounge was great fun….. then my parents showed up and my partner showed the boy to my dad and out of the bleu he latched himself on to my partners thumb and wouldn’t let go and from then on the ferrets got worse and worse with the biting jumping up at us while we was sitting on the couch…..THEY HAD US BLUFFED…

Few days went by will little improvement and were both still scared, we wouldn’t handle them without gloves…. Both of us knowing that it has to improve now or well have to give them to someone that hand give them the proper life…

But being as stubborn as I am and not wanting to give up the little fuzzies that I had wanted for so many years but still wanting to be the best owner possible I hope on o the internet to see what people have done to correct their cheeky Ferret…….

Things I found and I’m sad to sad to say but we actually tried some of the worst things to do not really knowing the damage that some things on the net can do, but being un experienced and not being a part of the VICTORIAN FERRET SOCIETY where people could have helped or knowing that they existed till after we had tried these BAD PREVENTATIVES

Flicking: This one tells you to flick the ferret as hard as you can on its nose to get it off but this one can damage their sensitive little nose and make it bleed

Biting them back: This one is funny if you’re not the one that tries it as this one makes the ferret bite harder, this one doesn’t have the effect that is wanted so should try it

Hand soap: